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Aerospace engineering is a complex and changing field. Arkwin continues to meet the ever-increasing demand for precision manufactured and trouble-free products. Arkwin's technical staff, working with customer engineers, recommends the best combination of design, materials, and processes to meet specified requirements. Engineering is constantly challenged to design cost-effective products of low weight and high reliability.

Concurrent engineering teams, comprised of design, manufacturing, test, and quality assurance engineers, plus numerical control programmers, program management staff, and contracts administrators work as a unit on new projects. This simultaneous engineering concept optimizes product design and focuses on customer and market needs.

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) enables us to conduct accurate kinematic analyses, finite element models, three-dimensional modeling, clearance studies, and to provide accurate engineering drawings. CAD/CAM averts costly design flaws, and adds greater flexibility and control of the design process...from inception through product qualification.