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Careful evaluation of all facets of the production process and the dedicated involvement of Arkwin's skilled craftsmen strengthen the quality of Arkwin products. Over the last four decades, Arkwin has continued to add new manufacturing capability and capacity. Our equipment includes some of the most advanced, Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC), multiple-operation machine tools in the world.

CNC equipment is linked to our CAD/CAM network to permit interaction between design and manufacturing engineers and CNC programmers. This improves both the manufacturing efficiency and accuracy. The result is precision metal cutting techniques in the machining of aluminum, steel, and titanium components. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is employed throughout the manufacturing process.


In addition to manufacturing its own proprietary products, Arkwin is also called upon to fabricate components designed by its customers. This is an attractive solution for companies seeking a cost-effective alternative to producing components in their own facilities. At Arkwin, we devote the same care to the production of a customer's design as we do to our own products.