Hydraulic Brake Components

Hydraulic Brake Components

Aircraft braking systems present unique requirements requiring high reliability and high efficiency. Arkwin designs include master cylinders, accumulators, reservoirs, valve components, and integrated assemblies for hydraulic braking applications. Rotor Brake systems provide pressurized fluid to the brake caliper by activating an operator handle to slow the rotation of the Helicopter rotor blades for engine shutdown or startup. Master cylinders, reservoirs, accumulators, control valves, and servicing provisions are included in many systems.

Operational and Design Characteristics

• Provides hydraulic pressure and stored volume to actuate and hold a brake caliper to prevent movement of helicopter rotor blades
• Operated by mechanical handle (integral or remote)
• Detent provided in “Unlocked” position and locking device provided to hold lever in “Locked” position
• Operating pressure up to 1,000 psig
• Dual output pressures available, solenoid actuated
• Bypass features can compensate for normal brake wear
• Multiple mounting options

Key Features

• Side load tolerant piston and cylinder
• Relief Valves
• Spring loaded accumulator
• Air over oil reservoir
• Vent valves
• Detent and locking assemblies
• Service, fill, and bleeding provision
• Fill level sight glass

Select Platforms

Bell 525
Sikorsky S-76

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Hydraulic Brake Components